21 May 2022

21 May 22 - A Brownsea Nightjar

The Dorset Wildlife Trust reserve on Brownsea Island must be one of the best places in the UK to see Nightjars during the day. There is usually a pair with a territory around the Lake Hide. The question when visiting is whether one will be roosting on view from the hide. If that is the case, then the views of this stunning species can be great and there is the opportunity to get some photos during the day without any risk of disturbing them. This is not a species that people should be trying to find on the Dorset Heaths given the risk of disturbance or worse still trampling on eggs or chicks. I've been lucky to see them from the hide on two occasions so far. The first was during one of my erratic visits in 2012. This year I've started volunteering on the DWT reserve on a weekly basis & I hope this will mean I bump into them more often.
Nightjar: Making it very easy to find on this visit (19 May 12)
Nightjar: Still not too hard to find as it had already been pinned down earlier in the day