19 May 2019

19 May 19 - Garden Orange-tip

If the weather is warm & sunny, I sometimes see Red Admirals or Peacocks flying around my garden in late Winter, which have hibernated as adults in the previous year. However, one of the first species of the Butterflies to emerge as adults around my garden are Orange-tips. They are also one of my favourite UK Butterflies. Males are always first on the wing of the two sexes and can regularly been seen enjoying my flowers, especially the Bluebells. Females emerge later & are less generally obvious & erratic visitors. So, I was pleased to see one settle on a white variant of my Red Valerian & enjoy a quick roost as the sun went in. She was there long enough to take my first photos of a female Orange-tip.
Orange-tip: A well camouflaged female against the white Red Valerian
The males are far more obvious, especially in flight, when they cannot be confused with any of the other UK Whites.
Orange-tip: Male at Old Harry (4 May 15)