17 Apr 2018

17 Apr 18 - Atlantic Odyssey - Day Nineteen: At Sea From Tristan Da Cunha To St Helena (Flying Fish)

Today was the final day at sea before we arrived at St Helena. There had already been some interesting Seabirds including Red-billed Tropicbirds & a Leach's Storm-petrel within a party of Band-tailed Storm-petrels. I also saw a good number of Flying Fish seen with the same four species that we had seen on the previous day. I also saw a Smurf which is believed to be an immature Flying Fish. They are only a few inches long, have small forewings & are only capable of flying a few metres before they drop back into the sea. Given the short distance of the flight, I never managed to get any photos of the Smurfs.
Bandwing Flying Fish
Bandwing Flying Fish: Another individual which dropped back into the sea (a few frames after this photo)
Bandwing Flying Fish: A third well-marked individual showing they can control the flight by closing the rear wings
Bandwing Flying Fish: The third individual opened its rear wings (a few frames after the previous photo)
Bandwing Flying Fish: A fourth individual. They have a very distinctive broad white eyering which can only be seen when they change direction so they are not flying directly away from the Plancius
Atlantic Flying Fish