16 Aug 2015

16 Aug 15 - Just Like Buses

I have Birded the Studland/Ballard patch for quite a few Autumns now & I have never seen a Fritillary within the patch. So I was quite surprised to find this Silver-washed Fritillary feeding on Buddleia as I walked through the Glebelands estate on Ballard Down. Even more surprising was to see it then chase off a second tatty individual. I must have been past this patch of Buddleia on a number of occasions in August over the years.
Silver-washed Fritillary: Glebelands estate
Having walked all over Old Harry & the top of Ballard Down, my next stop was the Greenlands Farm area. I was even more surprised when I saw another Silver-washed Fritillary here. This was quickly followed by another two individuals. This was a corner of Greenlands Farm where I have spent even more time Birding in August. So by the end of the morning, I had seen five Silver-washed Fritillaries at two widely separately parts of the Studland/Ballard Down patch. Asking around, it turns out that local Birder, Graham Armstong, had seen them at Greenlands Farm in the past. However, the Glebelands site doesn't appear to be have been known about. It just goes to show that no matter how well you think you know your local patch, you can always be surprised.
Silver-washed Fritillary: Glebelands estate
I was also pleased to see this Wall at Greenlands Farm, which is an uncommon species which I've bumped into at a number of locations within the Studland/Ballard Down patch: but never in numbers.
Wall: Greenlands Farm