26 Aug 2014

26 Aug 14 - What Came First: The Caterpillar Or The Butterfly?

The usual way this big philosophical question is put is 'What came first: the Chicken or the Egg', rather than the title of this post. The answer is easy & it is the same: single cell organisms, followed by evolution. Not that difficult to answer really, when you think about it at a distance. Having solved the big philosophical question, I can now move on to some photos. I've generally concentrated on photos of adult insects as they are the easiest age to find in most groups. But I've been lucky to see Commas of various ages recently. They are really good in the younger phases & worthy of closer examination.
Comma: Caterpillar. These spines look quite imposing. After about 5 weeks as caterpillars, they will pupate. Swanage (8 Aug 14)
Comma: Caterpillar. Surprisingly, well camouflaged, when you look at the other bits of dead Nettles. Swanage (8 Aug 14) 
Comma: Pupa. After a couple of weeks as a pupa, the adult will emerge. Swanage (16 Aug 14)
Comma: Adult. Commas are double brooded with adults start flying in late June/early July & flying again in late August onwards. The second brood overwinter as adults, before emerging from hibernation in the Spring to breed (9 July 14)
Comma: Adult. The wing shape alone is diagnostic in the UK. Alner's Gorse (27 July 14)
Comma. Adult. They get their name from the white comma on the underside of the hind wing. Swanage (12 Aug 14)