11 Jun 2014

11 June 14 - An Obliging Barn Owl

I have tried to photograph every species of Owl I've seen since getting the camera last October. All was going well up to Israel until I had a brief flight view of a Barn Owl on the kibbutz we stayed at on the last couple of days, which was too brief a view to get a photo. As Barn Owls are a separate family to Owls, I had still photographed all the Owls, but I had no photographs of the Barn Owls family. Well I'm back on track on both families again, following a very obliging Barn Owl which flew past on several occasions while I was out birding locally this evening. This is the first Barn Owl I've seen since the Israeli bird & it's another family photo tick as well.
Barn Owl: It surprised me when it flew past & I didn't have the camera set up to over expose the photo (so the Owl would be correctly exposed against the bright background). But not too bad in the circumstances
Barn Owl: My 90th Family Photo Tick since getting the camera. Glad in came past again as I was prepared this time, but pity it wasn't as close. But at least it's a better idea of its colouration
Barn Owl: I like the hunting posture
Barn Owl: After catching this Vole, it evaded the attentions of 2 Carrion Crows & a Magpie, before flying past to show me what it had caught. Looks like a Bank Vole to me
Barn Owl: What a great bird
Barn Owl: Couldn't resist another photo
Barn Owl: Finally, flying off into the sunset. Guess I had better end here