12 May 2014

12 May 14 - All Quiet On The Western Front (Of Poole Harbour)

I've been visiting Middlebere quite a bit recently, but it's all been pretty quiet on recent visits. While still pretty quiet today, at least a few species were a bit closer than usual.
Little Egret: This has been commonest Heron in the Poole Harbour area for over a decade now
Little Egret 
Little Egret: It will take a lot of these incredible small morsels to stop a Little Egret from going hungry
Spoonbill: Immature with black wing tips. There are still up to 10 individuals that have been seen in Poole Harbour this month. All the birds I've seen have been immatures that haven't got around to heading back to the Dutch breeding site they were probably born in (based upon colour ringing schemes) 
Shelduck: Pair. The male on the right has a knob at the base of its bill. I'll leave you to do the cheap jokes
Blue Tit: The local Blue Tits are being kept busy trying to find food as this individual looks like its got chicks in a nearby nest. The British Isles has its own subspecies, obscurus