20 Jan 2014

20 Jan 14 - The Final Afternoon At CEDO

There was not enough time to consider a coastal visit for the last afternoon & therefore the final afternoon was going to be close to CEDO. The plan was to look for Rock Bush-quail which Jugal reckoned we had about a 20% chance of seeing. So it was back in the direction of the White-naped Tit site with Jugal to try for the Bush-quail, but trying different sites to the ones already visited. With the odds stacked against us, it's probably no surprise that we didn't see it. But it was a good afternoon of birding.
Griffon Vulture: The cinnamon wash to the body help to separate this from an immature Oriental White-backed Vulture (also known as White-rumped Vulture) which would be a colder dark grey-brown body colour
Griffon Vulture: Good to see a Vulture in India. I saw large numbers of on the 91 trip & only a handful this trip. Gujarat & Rajasthan are some of the strongholds for a group of species that have seen up to a 99% reduction in their numbers in recent years, due to the fatal affects of the drug Diclofenac
Small Minivet: Male
Small Minivet: Immature male
White-bellied Minivet: Female. Good to see this scarce & local species again
White-bellied Minivet: Female
Indian Black Robin
White-naped Tit: Another excellent species to see again
Common Woodshrike
Black-naped Hare: This is the only Hare or Rabbit in range, so presumably immature Hares don't show a black nape