12 Nov 2013

12 Nov 13 - Enjoying The Late Sun

After a day of wind & rain, it was great to be out again on sunny conditions. Sadly, few birds on the move, but like me some were enjoying the weather including this Chiffchaff at South Haven.
Also enjoying the sun were 3 Common Darters. Most people are surprised to see Dragonflies still on the wing in Nov, but Common Darters aren't uncommon up to mid Nov locally.
Common Darter: The reddish body indicates this is a male
One of the main reasons for popping out was to try & get some better photos of the Surf Scoter. Unfortunately, it remained too far out in the bay during the several hours I was at Redhorn Quay. However, the local Turnstones kept the camera busy.
I caught up with the Turnstones again in late afternoon as 9 landed on some floating weed. One bird wasn't happy with the numbers and was consistently pecking other birds until the numbers reduced and he calmed down.
Turnstone: Good that's another gone
Turnstone: Happy at last